We are health food minded market café, our food is sourced from organic and biodynamic farmers and ranchers. For us the bottom line is the quality of the source; we define healthy as local, organic, and unprocessed. For example, our really perfect BLT is made with pastured-nitrate free bacon, local organic tomatoes, homemade aioli-made with local eggs & organic oil and wild leavened sourdough bread. We think vitality begins with whole foods, low to-no white sugar, bone broths, with the addition of juices & superfoods. Our nutrient dense, 24-hour chicken bone broth made with fresh ginger and turmeric is always simmering at the market and is the base of our soups and broths. Our food is reflective of our commitment to longevity with health through whole food.

Our bakers focus on two concepts: traditional whole food pastries made with whole cream butter, local eggs, raw sugar and whole grains and gluten free-white sugar-free -super foods pastries. We prepare handmade biscuits & quiche every morning for breakfast along with our fresh pastries.

Our food is reflective of our commitment to longevity with vibrant health through whole food.